Wellness Program

Why Us?

We are committed to increasing health awareness and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We tailor our approach, allowing us to pay attention to the needs of each client and focus on their unique road to success.

We use a diversified approach that leads to a rewarding and transformative experience for our clients.

We offer bilingual services.


Consult with out doctors to discuss the best medical enhancements to reach your goal. Once you sign up, you’ll meet with your doctor once a month for a three month period.

In addition to the latest weight loss medication, we offer B12, Lypotropic and B Complex injections.

Initial Session: $250
Additional Sessions subject to Insurance Copays


Work with our Health and Wellness Coach, Yanessi Morales. Mrs. Morales specializes in helping patients discover their own empowerment and provides guidance as you navigate the world of exercise, nutrition, and the emotions that can come with lasting change.

Initial Session: $250
Additional Session: $90


Here at One World Healthcare, we understand that old habits are hard to break. With Option 3, you’ll have access to medical enhancements & coaching but you’ll ALSO have access to:

Personalized Exercise Plans
Individual or Group Workouts
Discounted Admission at CrossFit